For most people it is difficult to imagine a life without houseplants. But did you know that in addition to being attractive, some houseplants are also very healthy? The Ogreen houseplants actively purify the air, creating a cleaner home environment that helps you perform better and be more creative.


Today we spent a lot more time indoors than we used to and our indoor spaces are better insulated than ever. While this may be very comfortable, it’s not particularly healthy. Add in the wide range of toxins that are silently released into our environment from sources like carpeting, pets, fabrics, furniture, cosmetics, cleaning products and devices like printers, and you will very quickly understand that indoor air quality is anything but clean.  

Just like trees outside, indoor plants are active air filtering machines. They convert CO2 into oxygen as they filter out hazardous substances from the air, helping you feel better in the process. Some plants do this more effectively than others. Ogreen commissioned studies of what plants have the best air purification properties. The Ogreen certified plants are all very active air filters: We select only the best. That’s why we can call them ‘Ogreen Clean Machines’. Multiple scientific studies have shown that people are less stressed, more productive, more creative and less prone to sickness when they live and work in an environment in which the air is cleaner. 

Ogreen means:
CLEAN                 Scientifically proven air purification 
VITAL                    Scientifically proven to improve the living environment 
GREEN                 Sustainably grown (MPS A), environmentally friendly packaging (FSC)

Not just any plant can call itself a Clean Machine: only plants that are scientifically proven to filter a minimum volume of 10 m2 of air. To make things easy for the consumer, we converted the air-purification effect of the plants into square metres (of space with a ceiling height of 2.5 m). The Ogreen plants are certified for their qualities. We would like to introduce you to a few of them:

Ogreen collectie

The healthy Ogreen air purifiers have a recommended retail price of £ 10.50 and can be purchased conveniently online through An Ogreen plant is a great addition to your own home, but also makes a great gift. All Ogreen products are shipped in attractive and sustainable packaging.

Ogreen products can be purchased online in the webshop:


Ogreen Clean Machines                                                             
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- The properties of the Ogreen plants are certified by Fytagoras Plant Science. 

- Indoor air is 5 to 10 times more hazardous than outdoor air.
- Everyday products like building materials, cleaning products, disposable packaging and printers contain harmful substances. Ogreen plants actively filter these substances out of the air within one hour.
- Ogreen plants reduce hazardous substances like formaldehyde, benzene and acetone.
- Ogreen plants purify the air up to 30 times more effectively than other plants.
- Ogreen plants increase relative humidity.
- Ogreen plants make a significant contribution to a healthy indoor climate.

- Ogreen plants in an indoor environment can reduce sickness absence by 25%.
- Ogreen plants make people 20% more productive and 7% more creative.
- Ogreen plants create a sense of well-being.
- Ogreen plants reduce stress levels.
- Students perform better in an environment with Ogreen plants.

- Ogreen plants are biodegradable and produced using CO2-neutral processes.
- The Ogreen packaging is sustainable, environmentally-friendly and FSC-certified.
- The brand and all our information is clearly displayed on the pot, eliminating the need for any superfluous additional plastic covers or labels.
- Ogreen plants are given ample opportunity to develop their beneficial characteristics throughout the entire growing process.
- As the plant grows, its air purifying properties increase.
- Growth is promoted with Ogreen Plant Fuel, a 100% organic plant food.


Formaldehyde test

Image: Formaldehyde absorption of the Ogreen Champ. The effect of the reduction in formaldehyde is comparable to other harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in indoor environments. (Source: Fytagoras)