Most frequently asked questions

Who will deliver my order?
All our packages are delivered by the PostNL Dutch postal service. In most cases, the packages are delivered within one to two working days after being dispatched.

Will I be informed of when delivery will be made?
If we have your e-mail address, we will inform you when the products have left the nursery. The e-mail will contain a link to the PostNL website so that you can follow the progress of your package.

Can you deliver my order to a different address?
We can deliver to a different address. Just give us the full details of the delivery address when you place your order.

What happens if I am not in when the package is delivered?
If you are not in when the package is delivered, the postal service will leave a message informing you of where the package has been left or of when another attempt at delivery will be made.

Is the cardboard pot 100% watertight?
No, the cardboard pot is not 100% watertight. If you want to leave the plant in this pot, you will have to put it on a dish.

Is it necessary to have air-purifying plants in the house?
Did you know that there are lots of chemical emissions inside the home? These are produced by ordinary everyday products which seem harmless: building materials, cleaning products, disposable packaging and printers are all sources of indoor pollution. People are learning more and more about the harmful results of particulate matter in the air outside, but little attention is paid to particulate matter in our home and how you can do something about this yourself. Plants are cheap and potent air purifiers. That’s why you should use Ogreen plants to reduce the air particles in your home!

How many m2 of air does an Ogreen plant purify?
Ogreen plants purify at least 10m2 of air. Our range only includes plants which score above average on air purification.

How are the plants tested?
The plants are tested in laboratory conditions in collaboration with our partner Fytagoras in order to research their air-purifying properties. Further scientific research has been carried out on green plants which indicates: higher employee productivity thanks to Ogreen plants, improved capacity for concentration thanks to Ogreen plants, improved air quality in classrooms thanks to Ogreen plants and staying vigorous as you age thanks to Ogreen plants.

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