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Ogreen Clean Machines are air-filtering plants that clean the air you breathe. Their leaves soak up harmful toxins that float around the air in your home, improving indoor air quality and looking great at the same time!  

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Clean air is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Our air-purifying plants create a more pleasant and healthy living environment, making it easy for you to live a vital life.   

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Green is not just a colour, it’s a way of life. Our Clean Machines are sustainably grown using eco-friendly growing methods. No unnecessary plastic packaging, only FSC-certified materials.  

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When looking for ways to create a healthy lifestyle, why not let Mother Nature take care of you?? Building on the NASA Clean Air Study, recent research has shown that Ogreen Clean Machines effectively purify indoor air and drastically improve air quality. Together with our scientific partners at Fytagoras, we test all of our plants under laboratory conditions. Only plants that show above-average purifying abilities get the Clean Machines qualification.

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