We’re not the only people who think plants can help boost your mood. In Japan, people have been practicing shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, since the 1980s. It’s a simple ritual: just go take a walk in the woods for about two hours, taking your time to smell, touch and hear the greenery all around you. Several studies have shown that a forest bathing session reduces stress, lifts depression, and increases your daily energy. So go on, get out there, get back in touch with nature!

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Ogreen Genius

Ogreen Clean Machines

Ogreen Clean Machines are air purifying plants that have been scientifically proven to clean the air indoors. Their leaves pick up and remove toxic chemicals produced by everyday products like nail polish, candles, dish soap, and cooking gas. The plants work like little green machines, silently helping you live a healthier life. 

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The ogreen story

Let nature take care of you

Did you know plants can boost productivity and creativity, increase concentration, calm your nerves and clean the air you breathe? High claims, but hundreds of studies show it’s all true. Inviting nature back into your home is beneficial in every which way, and we make it easy for you to do so. Order your plants online, watch them appear on your doorstep fresh from our growers, and let nature take care of you.  

The Ogreen Story

Mood Machines

Ogreen Mood Machines

Ogreen Mood Machines are beautiful, trendy plants that boost your mood and make you feel good. Our plant hunters travel everywhere to find the most unique plants to brighten up your home and create a pleasant living environment. A leafy monstera or funky pilea- choose your favourite and start your indoor jungle! 

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Minimalist interiors are popular these days, and we get why. It’s nice to come home to a calm, neat home after a long day at work, no mess, no stuff to distract you from a lazy evening on the couch. Minimalist interiors can feel like a zen spa, and that’s why they’re perfect for small, subtle plants. With a few hints of green here and there, you can keep things neat and enjoy the benefits of nature at the same time! Choose plant pots that fit your interior colour scheme and violà, minimalist plant heaven!

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